Mass Effect 3: Tentez de gagner des consoles custom!



Mass effect 3 est sorti depuis quelques jours et se vend plutot bien! Bioware lance donc plusieurs concours pour gagner plusieurs lots dont des consoles customisées et plutot réussies!!

En voici une photo:

customconsole Mass Effect 3: Tentez de gagner des consoles custom!

Pour le premier concours:

Si vous voulez y participer, il faut se rendre sur cette page (en Anglais)

Voila les étapes:

Rendez vous sur cette page : raptr et prendre l’appli correspondant à votre console ici

Connectez vous avec votre compte xbox live, steam ou ps3

Jouez ils s’occupent du reste!

Et pour le second concours:

Our first contest will be your chance to show off just how lethal you are when it comes to battling Reapers in Mass Effect 3 by creating videos from in-game footage in what we like to call “The Best of the Citadel.” This will be where you can put all the noobs to shame, while making sure you do the Spectre name proud, all by showing your best skills and most daring plans as they unfold. We have five different categories for this contest, giving you a nice variety of sections you can enter your video to. They include:

•    Best Shepard Moment, where you can highlight what makes your Commander Shepard unique.
•    Best Multiplayer Move, allowing you to show the efficiency of you and your squad in Mass Effect 3.
•    Best Omnikill, in which you’re tasked with showcasing your most spectacular kill.
•    Best Commentary, giving you a chance to give the world a play-by-play of the action in one of your multiplayer matches.
•    Best Cinematic Re-dub, where one or more cinematics from Mass Effect 3 are re-imagined, allowing you to provide your own take on the dialogue.

To enter, simply post your video in the response section of the YouTube trailer above. We’ll be posting the winning videos on our Facebook and Twitter channels, giving the entire world a chance to see your skills in Mass Effect 3.

N7NightsLogo-752x1024 Mass Effect 3: Tentez de gagner des consoles custom!

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